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  *Legal Info RHP Units*

FDA legality as to the use of RHP ozone units

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*Ozone Material Compatibility*

This chart is extremely useful to anyone working with ozone or ozone therapy and shows the compatibility of materials when exposed to it.

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Ozone Therapy Units 

These new Medical Generators are made to do any type of Ozone Therapy possible!
List Of Uses

Recuirculatory Haemoperfusion also known as RHP, Extra-Corporeal Oxidation and Ozonation also known as EBOO, Blood Bag Purification, Aquapherisis also known as Simple Access Fluid Extraction or SAFE, Direct Ozone Injection also known as DIV, Major Autohaemotherapy also known as MAHT, Minor Autohaemotherapy, Ozonated Blood Homeopathy, Ozonated Saline or Sterile Water Infusion, Intra-Muscular Injection, Prolotherapy or Joint Injection, Ear Insufflation, Rectal Insufflation, Vaginal Insufflation, Ozonated Enema Infusion, Ozonated Vaginal Flush, Direct Skin Sterilization, Dental Ozonation, Sauna Ozonation, Ozone Bagging, Spa, Pool and Jacuzzi Purification, Water and Oil Ozonation, Water Purification and Sterilization, Air Ozonation and Sterilization.
*NEW* VER. 2.2*

Ozone Generator
All of our units are made to order and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and applications. Company is certified by ISO:2008, The malaysian Nuclear Association, The Malaysian University of Engineering.

Portable Ozone UNit

Introducing the new portable Ozone Unit, half the price of the large unit but all the functionality other than Simple Access Fluid Extraction capabilities.

Personal Ozone Unit

The personal Ozone Unit for the consumer that needs one for his own applications.


User Comments!

"It was tough at first, getting used to all the testing but after a while it became clear how to use these units, I run them constantly 10 hours a day with no issues"
Dr. RK

"The versitility of the units plus the consistent support options are what sold me, I couldn't be happier!"
Dr. AM

 "My advice to those that listen is, if you want to do the most advanced, effective ozone therapy possible, you must have these units."
Dr. PB

I just bought my third unit, the first one is still running after four years."
Dr. JM

"Sadly, I had three units before this one where the manufacture said it was the same and some claimed even better, they are gone now and I have this ozone generator now, there is no comparison."
Dr. PC

"What amazing results, I have been into ozone therapy for many years now but I never knew that RHP could be so effective. These units need to be in every doctor's office and in every hospital."

" I finally have an effective tool to use against disese, I can help people and that's all that matters to me."
Dr. GB

" Not as complicated and scary as it looks, figured it out in a day or so, now to practice, thanks for the education, I learned a lot"
Dr. SO


Benefits Of Ozone

• Improved circulation
• Cell energizer
• Vitality booster
• Immune enhancer
• Skin purifier
• Oxygenates haemoglobin
• Neutralizes acid
• Liver cleanser
• Kills parasites
• Combats chronic fatigue syndrome
• Corrects dizziness
• Blood purifier
• Relieves muscle aches
• Builds muscle
• Combats depression
• Neutralizes stomach acid
• Overcomes weakness
• Corrects memory loss
• Enhances immune system
• Fights bronchial problems
• Prevents tumors
• Decomposes plague
• Increases cellular vitality
• Boosts energy
• Fights flu
• Releases tension
• Burns fat
• Protects against stroke
• Kills virus
• Blood booster
• Speeds healing
• Improves digestion
• Clears out brain fog
• Cleans mucus
• Kills Candida
• Improves heart function
• Fights infection
• Prevents sudden heart attack
• Kills bacteria,
• Relieves angina
• Heightens alertness
• Prevents colds
• Stops cancer cells
• Neutralizes chronic hostility
• Calms nerves
• Speeds recovery
• Oxidizes poisons
• Breaks up cholesterol
• Eliminates lactic acid
• Speeds athletic recovery
• Improves mental quickness
• Strengthens immune system
• Improves vitamin uptake
• Improves mineral absorption
• Destroys harmful microorganisms
• Oxidizes morbific material
• Balances acid/alkaline
• Decreases stress
• Improves amino acid utilization
• Improves brain function
• Oxygenates pancreas
• Kills bad colon bacteria
• Ignites carbohydrates
• Help supplements to work better
• Burns off excess sugar
• Enhances mood
• Purifies liver
• Oxygenates spleen
• Improves mental stability
• Speeds up faulty metabolism
• Clears out dirty fluids
• Detoxifies the lymph system
• Prevents degenerate diseases
• Prevents premature aging
• Prevents irregular heartbeat
• Prevents gangrene
• Prevents peripheral vascular disease
• Fights herpes
• Kills worms
• Fights emphysema
• Prevents angina pain
• Prevents shingles
• Prevents fever blister
• Prevents asthma
• Prevents lymes disease
• Fights parasitic infection
• Fights fibromyalgia
• Prevents Epstein barr
• Prevents cluster headaches
• Prevents cardiac arrhythmias
• Disburses heavy metal toxicity
• Prevents allergies
• Neutralizes environmental toxicity
• Prevents Alzheimer’s
• Prevents constipation
• Prevents nerve related diseases
• Prevents gastro intestinal disorders
• Prevent ms
• Detoxifies every cell in the body


Ozone Therapy Clinic

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Ozone Therapy Centre

Medical therapy videos offering certified Ozone RHP/EBOO-SAFE therapies. State-of-the-art advanced medical ozone treatments for maintaining health and curing disease.


To progress the true value of Ozone as a viable Alternative Medical Therapy. Join and becoome part of this nobel cause.


Creating more awareness on the ability, safety and efficacy of ozone in all forms of health and medicine.

Ozone Therapy Enthusiests

 Ozone is the very best and safest modality that one can use to treat any illness, please open your minds and hearts, join the group and share something valuable with all those willing to listen...

Yahoo Group

Free speech encouraged and never banned for it. Mostly about Ozone therapy in its advanced form. Be careful what you decide to do with this information is up to you as you are responsible for your health and most of all your actions.

Therapists Yahoo Group

This group is for ozone therapists to share and discuss. The main topic is how to have a harmonious agreement between all ozonists around the world. Doesn't mean that we have to like each other just means we must try to work hand in hand to ensure that ozone therapy goes to the next level and that being a true Medical Modality.

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No Rules...No Taboo Topics...No Fear of Doom

Medical Ozone Therapy

The moment you hear the word Ozone, your brain compels you to think of an imaginary and pervasive barrier in the stratosphere, relentlessly protecting you from the harmful UV rays and making earth a much better place to live in. But, when you combine the terms “Medical” and “Therapy” alongside each other, your perception gets highly deluded. However, think of Ozone as a life-saving resident shield, and the term Medical Ozone Therapy is no different.

Ozone Therapy uses Ozone (O3), which is an energized form of Oxygen (O2) to treat lethal and degenerative diseases, some of which include Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, AIDS, herpes and more.  The concept has failed to gain recognition following FDA’s lack of approval claiming that Ozone is a highly toxic gas. It has never found a safe and demonstrated application in any medical therapy so far, so they claim. However, Ozone Therapy has found profound recognition in many countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America. With the lowest level of side-effects (0.00005), it stands distinctively as the one of the most remarkable advancement in medical history in almost a century of use. No offence FDA, whatsoever.

If some reliable sources are to be believed, another prime reason for attenuation of this conception is the relatively moderate cost and production of Medical ozone machines. Apparently, FDA committee representatives are from all leading pharmaceutical companies. Hence, rhetorically speaking, how can you expect FDA to dig its own grave by approving a more effective and cheaper product? Money often costs too much.

Anyway, so how does it work? Well, Ozone when subjected to ultraviolet light or electric current splits itself into charged O* particles, which are highly unstable and reactive. They are quick enough to oxidize substances such as bacteria or viruses. Thereby, ozone has found wide application in different water-purification techniques as well.

This is exactly the principle which is used in treatment of highly degenerative diseases. According to Dr. Otto Warburg (Ph.D., Nobel Prize winner, 1966), cancer cells live on fermentation rather than respiration and hence, the absence of oxygen at the cellular level is the prime reason for their growth. Subsequently, there has also been laboratory evidence to the above mentioned hypothesis.

By oxidizing blood, harmful bacteria and viruses can and are easily removed. Ozone therapy has been proven to be effective on lethal diseases like Cancer and AIDS. Ozone is injected into the body either through rectal or vaginal insufflation [in which ozone gas is absorbed into the body through major arteries in the rectal or vaginal caveties] and the other method is autohemotherapy, which involves oxidation of blood by removing it from the patient’s body, mixing it with ozone and injecting it back. As ozone affects only organic tissues and materials, it destroys only the harmful bacteria and viruses present in the body [more on this below]. It does no harm to the blood tissues as oxygen is abudant in those areas.  It attaches itself to the toxic materials present in the body, making them inactive and carrying them safely out of the body. The harmful cells are soon dissolved due to their inability to protect themselves from this natural oxident and flushed out of the system as well.

The bottom-line:

However, the use of ozone in medical treatment would be highly debatable as the toxicity of the ozone is something which can be intangibly overlooked. Inhalation of ozone can trigger some deleterious effects on the respiratory tract and lungs, none fatal but uncomfortable. Induction of ozone in blood triggers production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) which help the immune system in attacking and subduing foreign invasion and illness.

Nevertheless, the utility of any product depends on the usage rather than its implicit properties. Ozone, when used in appropriate proportion, subtle medical supervision and sophisticated machinery can be more effective than many other pahtological treatments. That being said, there has been less research into this field mainly due to lack of interest and acceptance regarding the effectiveness of this form of therapy.As a recent survey concluded, there have been 5 million ozone treatments worldwide and of which, a staggering 96% were acknowledged to be effective. One may wonder as to why so much cynicism then. After all, isn’t it better to light a candle than to curse the darkness?

RHP Therapy

Oxygenated Blood

 What is Medical Ozone RHP™ ?

(Not approved by the FDA)

Ozone is O3; three oxygen molecules. Simply stated, Medical Ozone is a healer when applied to the human body in a safe effective manner. It eliminates pathogens, cleanses the blood stream, which cleanses the liver and kidneys and other organs. It destroys cancer and AIDS on contact. It travels everywhere in the blood stream even to the brain. Undoubtedly the best and safest form of Medical Therapy ever devised or used.

RHP stands for Recirculatory Haemoperfusion

Is a technique of treating the entire blood stream with Ozone. With this technique, the patient’s blood is first drawn from a large calibre vein through the use of a medical pump. This blood then goes through a micro-filter which filters the unwanted substances in the blood. At this point the blood is bathed in ozone and then this ozonated blood is re-perfused into the body. This process continues for up to one and a half hours. During this time, the entire volume of blood in the body is filtered, purified and enriched with ozone before being returned to the body. 
No, we do not take out all the blood, at once, and then treat it, and return it to the body. A small amount of blood flows out from one arm, to the filter/ozonator, and then flows directly back into a vein in the other arm. Only 300 mls. of blood ever leaves the body at one time.

It is a life saving modality which reverses, or eliminates, chronic and acute illness, in a non-stressful manner, at a surprisingly low cost. It is the best Medical Ozone Therapy ever devised by anyone anywhere to treat the blood.

Scientific Explanation

In a very brief overview, the scientific basis of Recirculatory Haemoperfusion (RHP)™  and its inter-related technologies, can be described as the process where pure molecular oxygen (O2 as the prime carrier, through unique processes O3 ~ Ozone) is circulated in the bloodstream of a patient through highly specialised and sophisticated molecular oxygen technology's, which includes RHP™  (a dialysis type method where the patient’s blood is treated in an extra corporeal loop before re-infusion to the patient over repeated 'cycles' in the same treatment session).

 This device synthesises the combining ratios of stabilised concentrations of O2, O3 & other oxygen molecules, which is achieved by passing pure medical grade oxygen (pure O2), through an Corona Discharge, which at specific frequencies and Hertz settings, creates the stabilised forms of recombinant oxygen atoms and then injects the 'Enhanced Oxygen' into the bloodstream in a precisely (computer chip control) measured dosage and flow rate, time to body weight and other medical therapy treatment parameters, for circulation through the patient's own blood throughout all the patients veins, arteries and capillaries, (an adult has over 96,000 kilometres of blood vessels, which the heart circulates completely {whole blood volume} every sixty seconds).

‘RHP™’ uses  a highly negatively charged molecule that naturally attaches to the patient's haemoglobin, (red blood cells), which in turn transport the ‘Enhanced Oxygen' throughout the bloodstream, and being highly attracted to positively charged diseased cells, the haemoglobin and ‘Enhanced Oxygen’  molecules react immediately upon encountering these diseased cellular structures. 'Enhanced Oxygen' molecules zone into these infected areas, whereupon, on contact with diseased cells, ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ reacts by ionisation, oxidation, and by restructuring the cell's protein structures, thereby eradicating any diseased cells, and exposing virally infected cells which may mimic any healthy cell's protein coating, and killing bacterial, fungal, protozoal, parasitic and/or other micro-organisms in the bloodstream, which the oxygen molecules encounter. 'Enhanced Oxygen', through these delivery devices, reaches all body organs and perfuses into all body tissue, including the bones and crosses the blood/brain barrier very effectively. Many mechanisms are involved which include low level oxidation, ionisation, denaturing of cell protein structures and phili-electric interchange to healthy cells. 'Enhanced Oxygen' has the ability to systemically saturate the host, cellularily purifying the patient and stimulating our own cellular regeneration mechanisms. In some cases, such as tumours and Cancers, or highly topically infected areas, concentrated ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ may be directly applied by injection into the affected area, tumour or body.

In fact, RHP™ is such an effective ozone therapy treatment system, that it must be professionally administered and managed, so as not to induce any unnecessary side effect on the patient. The process is so effective that specific treatment applications guidelines have to be followed thus allowing the eradication of the diseased cells to be processed at a rate compatible to the patients elimination systems and at the same time allow the patients regenerative systems to replace and compensate for lost cells, (especially the cells of the major life support body organs), whilst boosting the patient’s own immune system to suppress any re-infection.

This form of Ozone Therapies is followed by extensive blood sampling and laboratory work, pre and post therapy, which accurately depicts the changing status of the patient's medical condition between therapy sessions, and allows professional medical personnel to monitor and adjust the therapy procedure as necessary, to meet the patients specific needs. Therapy treatment sessions themselves are typically 60 minutes or less, up to 120 minutes, and this incredible therapy allows the patient to arrive, take treatment, and immediately carry on their normal lives after treatment. As a total cell and body purification system, this therapy is incredibly practical, and will benefit almost any patient, irrespective of the seriousness of their infection or medical condition as a complete detoxification system.

RHP™, is a significantly improved, advanced and perfected form of conventional Ozone treatments, which have been used in Medicine since before the 1920's, and which was originally pioneered by many famous German scientists (Otto Warburg is the only man ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine twice, for demonstrating that Cancer is an anaerobic growth, i.e. it does not need oxygen to survive and grow). RHP™, the nemesis to all anaerobic forms of infection, is a massively improved form of conventional Ozone Therapy as used in Medicine, since every time a larger molecular oxygen structure can be formed and successfully stabilised, the medical benefits which the patient experiences, exponentially increase.

RHP™ Oxygen Therapy', acts essentially as a full blood and body/cell purification system, for its deployment and application, in eradicating chronic and severe medical diseases and conditions, including HIV/AIDS and various Cancers, amongst a host of other applications in Medicine. This therapy and its inter-related technologies have been extensively investigated, innovated, perfected & researched by Ozone Research Group Inc., who have developed and established scientifically over the past 18 years, RHP™ Ozone Therapies, to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from the 'Enhanced Oxygen' molecules, and to eliminate any deleterious effects, as experienced by the patient. This therapy is a fully operational medical system, which is thoroughly viable, efficacious and effective alternative medical therapy option. This therapy is a very affordable and far cheaper in comparison to current conventional pharmaceutical and surgical medical options available today.

Several Research Protocols have already been initiated internationally to establish the efficacy and effectiveness of this therapy, which opens up an entirely new field of Medical Science. We are set to revolutionise both curative and palliative medical therapy in an unprecedented manner, without the drawbacks, side-effects or complications associated with conventional chemical/pharmaceutical medical therapy options and the trauma/risk of surgical intervention, complications, rejection or subsequent infection/contamination.

This therapy does not pretend to be the ultimate panacea to all infection and medical conditions which Mankind suffers from, thereby making all other forms of Medicine to date obsolete, however, it is a dramatic advance and a highly viable alternative medical therapy and Health Care option, which can work side by side all other forms of conventional Medicine. In some dramatic cases this therapy has already achieved in its own right what no other form of Medicine has yet been able to achieve, with respect to HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, Cardiovascular disease, CMV, EB, Hepatitis 'A through to F', Parkinson's' & Alzheimer's disease and a host of other conditions.

For millions upon millions of us with medical conditions which conventional medicine cannot cope with, RHP™ Therapy and its inter-related technologies' is a highly competitive, supplementary and complimentary alternative therapy option to our health, well-being and resolution of our medical conditions, as contained and managed by present conventional medicine, which ‘RHP™ Therapy' can dramatically assist and reverse. This therapy remains possibly our greatest opportunity in Medical Science today.

***TRAINING NOW INCLUDES THE USE OF  Amino Acids, Glutathione,vitamins and all necessay ingredients to tonify and cure patients of various illnesses, as well as further instructions on how to treat cancers


(Approved by the FDA)

SAFE is a device-based therapy intended to remove extra fluid from blood and body ; Simple Access Fluid Extraction (SAFE) as the name implies. Patients with heart failure typically are treated with various medications, including angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, beta-blockers, diuretics, and inotropic drugs. Although these drugs don't stop disease progression, they may reduce symptoms and improve functional capacity. Over time, however, some patients stop responding to these therapies. 

SAFE ,a process that removes fluid from the intravascular compartment, can help ease symptoms for these patients. It may even help patients respond again to conventional drug therapy. 

During SAFE, the patient intravascular fluid remains stable, as fluid shifts from extravascular space that is lost from the vessels. This reduces edema and third spacing. But because fluid is not removed from the vascular compartment any faster than it can be recruited from the peripheral tissues, patients do not become hypotensive, the plasma refilling rate is adequate to prevent hypovolemia. The patient's heart rate, blood pressure and serum electrolytes also remain largely unchanged. 

In general, SAFE improves the quality of life with the ceasing of anginal pain and increase of functional abilities. We are proud to say that SAFE is a truly high quality Malaysian invention by a team of medical experts and engineers. 

We would also like to dedicate our sincere appreciation to the 1998 Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecules in the cardiovascular system- Robert F. Furchgott (SUNY Health Science Center Brooklyn, New York, USA), Louis J. Ignarro (University of California School of Medicine) and Ferid Murad (University of Texas) for their discoveries concerning the role of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. These medical experts have given us the inspiration and encouragement to come up with our invention SAFE.


More Videos Here...TheOzonehospital

How to Choose Medical Ozone Generators

 Ozone therapy is a method of treatment that has been acknowledged by many leading countries of the world. There are numerous machines by means of which this therapy is applied. Ozone generators are one of the prominent ones in this regard. But there are some factors that need to be considered when purchasing an ozone generator for the application of true ozone therapy.

 Remember, any application is good as long as it is applied well. Ozone therapy is of no exception. If you want successful ozone applications, there are four vital aspects you should keep in mind. You need to understand and analyze these aspects and then decide. Study all these information, verify them ask questions to yourself and see whether you are fully convinced with the answers or not. Here are the four aspects:

 1. First, the ozone weight to be used. It is best to leave that decision to the manufacturer because it is very natural that you will face difficulties with this. All or rather most true medical ozone units are basically made the same.

 2. Next would be the concentration of ozone that you are going to use and along with that the ozone mass transfer method. Both of these should be according to the manufacturer’s suggestion. Although concentration and transfer also depends on type of therapy, disease, patient, etc…

 3. Now we come to the generator itself. This selection is very important. Because by selecting a good one, you will be able to take the full advantage of any ozone application there is.

 4. At last would be the safety aspect. Never ever neglect this aspect. It is well known that if ozone is handled well, it is a safe gas but still, precaution is required for maintenance as well as equipment malfunction and reliability.

 Most clients/practitioners/therapists that get involved in this therapy are in dark when they try to select their choice of equipment or generator. If you follow some steps though, then equipment selection will not be as tough as it first seems to be. Here are the steps to purchasing good o3 therapy equipment:

 First of all, consider the technology. Remember, there are numerous ways of producing ozone gas.There are at least 700 patented ways in which ozone gas is produced. It is created by photocopiers, ink-jet printers; even tube type television sets can produce ozone. In fact, anything with high spark and air will produce ozone. But these and many others are not all useful and convenient from the client’s point of view. The three most popular methods for use in therapy are:

 1. UV method.

 2. Corona ozone production of the plate type.

 3. Corona ozone production of the tube type.  

 To expand further on these:

 a) UV method

 In this method, ozone is generated by ultraviolet light where oxygen passes by a UV tube. This is also how ozone is created in nature by the UV rays of the sun passing through the oxygen in the atmosphere. There are disadvantages to this method, namely that the maximum ozone production rate is two grams/hr per UV bulb related to the size of the bulb. As well, this type would give out approximately 10% of the average concentration available by corona discharge. It also takes a lot more energy to create the amount of ozone than with corona discharge. Lastly, these bulbs that are used for UV degrade over a short time and need to be replaced, but more importantly so does the concentration and volume of ozone produced making them truly ineffective for any medical ozone therapy uses.

 b) Plate method

This technology was first developed by the Russians and is now considered out of date. This involves generating a high voltage electrical discharge and then blowing air past it. As the air passes through the corona the oxygen molecules are temporarily separated into individual oxygen atoms and when clear of the corona they start to recombine back into oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3). Almost all over the world, this technology has been superseded by the tube technology. Here are some of the reasons:

 The plates are normally connected to the wires through an alloy solder. When Corona Discharge formation occurs, this system is at a very high energy state and results in a very high temperature. The combination high energy and high heat creates weakness in the solder and as a result, the joints of this solder would break up within a very short amount of time, this, in turn would cause the generator to fail. There are many other reasons, such as dust, humidity and so on…These types of generators therefore would not be best suited for therapeutical considerations and would be ineffective in sustaining a working class generator for use in Medical ozone technology.

 c) Tube method

 This is the most common of methods and widely used in all professional type generators. To date, this is so far the most reliable technology of them all. The technology consists of a dielectric that could be a combination of Stainless Steel (although the author does not recommend stainless steel be used due to its possible corrosion with ozone) and glass or ceramic. This method passes pure oxygen (medical grade is recommended) through the small gap between the dielectric and the applied high voltage in a tube. Oxygen ionization takes place within this gap and the formation of ozone takes place. This is, and should be the only method of ozone production for any type of medical ozone therapy. It is far safer and cleaner but also much more expensive than the two methods previously mentioned, especially if using hand-blown silica glass which is the most optimal substance to use as a tube in this process. The amount of ozone and concentration is normally based on the amount of oxygen fed into the tube so this, all in all is the best, safest and cleanest way to produce ozone for any medical application.

 Please note that ozone also degrades rather quickly and there are two factors that would contribute in this, mainly heat and humidity. The system should have in place some form of cooling, whether it is air cooled or water cooled as it does create a tremendous amount of heat and the longer the system is running the more heat it produces. This is the issue with most professional ozone units as they can only sustain their concentration of ozone for anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes. The author has found that most units tested are of this nature, when the unit is turned on it does what the manufacturers claims but as they run, the concentration values plummet and this would be an inefficient product to use in most professional settings where ozone needs to be consistently created at the right concentration, hour after hour.

 Most of these variables need to be addressed by the industry to ensure efficient ozone production, but as there are no safeguards yet in medical ozone production, they have not been addressed as it is a costly proposal. I cannot stress this one point enough, when using an ozone generator for medical application; one must ensure that the generator is stable in its concentration because concentration is the paramount consideration in successful ozone therapies of any kind. All protocols established in ozone use have been based on time and concentration, without this one does not only risk failure in therapy but as well puts the patient at risk.

We, at Ozone research Group Inc.have known this to be the ultimate consideration in all forms of therapy and as such have ensured that any unit certified and built by us meets and surpasses these criteria. We would be more than happy to analyze anyone’s ozone unit and report our findings to you, the consumer should you wish to send it to us for analysis so as to ensure that you do not use sub-standard equipment in your protocol. Please contact us should you require this service at


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